“Mag papastor ka ata eh.”
“Mag pepreacher ka ba?
“Future builder!”
“Mag papari ka?”
“Mag pari ka na lang!”

I get these lines every now and then. And I ask myself, pari lang ba dapat ang mabait? Pari lang ba dapat ang gumagawa ng kabanalan? Pari lang ba dapat ang sumunod sa Panginoon? Haha. I’m not saying that I am good and I do holy things. I don’t. Trust me. I am far from being holy. But people think I am and I do. One of the reasons why I am passionate about my faith is because I want to reach out to people who are seeking for answers, and I believe God is the answer to our prayers.

“Puro ka God,” a person once told me. I was shocked. Is there something wrong with it? And I don’t know why people who are vocal and passionate about their faith are expected to be good all the time. If they make mistakes or they sin, people would tell them, “May pa-god-god ka pa.” But people who say these things got it all wrong.

People who are passionate of their faith are humans. And it is natural for humans to sin, to fail, and to make mistakes. But let me tell you why on a different post some other time hehe.. 🙂 Anyway…We make mistakes. We sin every time. And that is why we follow Him! We follow Jesus not because we are holy people, but because we are sinners. We go to church and worship the Lord not because of obligation, but because we need Him in our lives. Because when we worship God, we focus more on Him and less on ourselves. And that reminds us not to be ourselves, but to be Jesus to others. Personally, I struggle to be good and I fail every time. I really do. It’s difficult to follow Him, because the good and the bad will battle in your heart and mind. But I pray that someday, I will be as good as Jesus.


My friend, you don’t have to be a priest or nun to be vocal or passionate about your faith. Let’s make Him famous. Because only God can change our “not so good” ways. Babaguhin Niya tayo araw-araw. I believe all of us are on the way to holiness. Not just priests, nuns, preachers or pastors. We can all be good. We can all be saints. Do not worry about your big mistakes and failures. God is bigger than all of it combined. Your sin and shame don’t count anymore. Follow Jesus. It will be tough at first, but you will get the hang of it. And you will be blessed more than you can imagine.

It is one of our goals. To be Jesus to the world. Inspire. Give hope. Love. It will not happen overnight, but it will. Eventually.

Have a blessed week!

Move heavenward,


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  1. Jezza

    Hey bro. Thank you for this. It gives me comfort to know that I am not alone. I have been praying to become more like Jesus to others for quite some time now and the struggle is real! Many times the good and the bad battle in my heart and in my mind. Ang hirap. You hit me with every single word you have written here. Thank you for reminding me to hold on. Because God is a good God. Thank you for being Jesus to me today.

    God bless you!

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