Bear with me. This is going to be a bit long.

As adults would always say to the young generation, “You can always learn from the experiences of others.” Yes, we can. But not in all situations.
Riding a bike – Have you seen a person learned how to ride a bicycle by just watching somebody riding it?
Learning to ride a bike requires failures. You can’t immediately learn it without falling. In the same way, there are things in life that we have to experience in order to learn it. Not just one try, but many times. And that includes pursuing our dreams. The more we make mistakes, the bigger our success!
I’m self-publishung a book and it will be out soon. Trust me. There are so many mistakes in my book. But I have to release and show it to the world because I can’t make a better one if people will not be able to make comments and critisicms. I encourage you, if you are working on somethning that has many flaws and mistakes but can already inspire just one person, let it out. Show it to the world despite imperfection. Focus on the people who will be inspired, and not on the people who will be insecure. Think about this. You are not perfectly made, but God decided to release you to the world. Oh, for sure there will be shame and humiliation (to keep your feet on the ground), but at the same time, there will be honor and praise (to glorify the Lord).


For the past couple of years, I think this book is the only right decision I’ve ever made. It was not easy. Who am I to write and say these things? Ano na bang narating ko? I’m just a naive, stubborn, disrepesctful 25 year old guy who still lives in his parents’ house, eating three times a day for free, and doesn’t even have a stable job to provide for himself. People will not believe me. Will somebody buy or read it? I don’t even know how to spoke in dollar. Tatawanan lang ako ng mga tao sa engish ko. Some people would tell me that it’s complicated to write a book. You have to do this and do that. And it’s expensive too! Hindi ka yayaman dyan! Ano papakain mo sa pamilya mo, papel? But in spite of all these discouragements and doubts, I decided to write. My goodness, it was tough. There were so many times that I doubted myself. So many times! But I kept pushing. I attended seminars and enrolled in a short course, watched video and listened to audio talks, and wrote as much as I can to practice. When in doubt, I would always imagine success! Praise God I was able to do it. Because I did not focus on discouraging people and doubtful self. I focused on desperate people who are searching for answers. Few people that kept telling me to write a book. Few people that kept telling me that they were being inspired through me. Few people that kept telling me that I can do it. My friend, even if there is only one person who will be inspired through your dream, make it happen. And make sure you keep that person in mind, because that person is going to be one of your reasons to reach your dream. In my case, it’s you.
In this world full of discouragements and doubts, I am one of the few people who will tell you… Go for it! Try. Make mistakes. Take risks. Fail. Spend your money on learnings. Discover your innate passion and work on it. Walang sayang dyan! Do not mind people who discorage and make you feel stupid as if you are doing the most wrong decision of your life. We all have to start somewhere. Focus on success. Do not worry too much about failing. It is the best thing that can happen to you besides winning, because it is only through failures that we can learn and grow. It is only through failures that we can achieve success.
To my generation, pursue your passion as early as now while you do not have bills to pay, families to feed and children to raise. Take advantage of this opportunity. This is the best time to start it. Or even try it, atleast. Plant now, harvest later! If you are a breadwinner who gives all your time to work just to send all your income to the province, a single parent who struggles in time management, a son who pays for the hospital bills of your parents, or a daughter who pays for your sibling’s tuition fees, I salute you. I know you have less time (none for some) to pursue your passion because you are too busy to earn for your family, but just imagine you are doing the things you truly love with that kind of character and attitude. Wow! You will sure make a huge difference not just to your family, but to our country.


If you are struggling in search for your passion, do not be discouraged. There are so many ways to discover it. Explore, go out, socialize. Reflect on your childhood – what are the things you did that gave you peace? What are the favors you are asked to do by your friends? What are the things that make you talk or share without hesitation? Surround yourself with people who has the same mindset as yours. Attend seminars and courses that interest you. Travel once in a while. (Yes, not always but once in a while. Hehe.) Serve in a community. Reach out to the poor. Do something for free! And ask God to let you discover it. I repeat, reach out to the poor (in spirit), do something for free, and pray.
My friend, life is too short to not be able to pursue what we really want for our life. I am not saying that we quit our job and just go for what we desire. Our job is important. It is one of our most important asset right now. It gives us stability in life and we will surely die without it because it removes our “purpose.” But at some point, we have to transition our lives from LOVING WHAT WE DO to DOING WHAT WE LOVE to fulfill our REAL PURPOSE. Which is to bless the world using our innate passion.
The truth is – I am not the one who wrote this book. It was all Him. He used me to write it. You know, I realize that when you let God move into your life, you will be able to make your dreams come true without bitterness and grudges. My friend, please discover and pursue your passion. Please use it to fulfill your purpose and turn it into profit. That is God’s plan for your life. But remember, don’t do it yourself. Do it with Him.
Our country needs more people like you.
Maiksi ang buhay. Pahabain mo.
Move heavenward,


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  1. Mon Bumatay

    Maiden voyage are normally not perfect, in fact some (to most) even had great disaster, look at Titanic…
    I remember a few weeks ago that I asked you a personal favor to continue writting for it inspires me (alam ko pati ibang mga kaibigan). I honor you for humbly saying that your book MAY have grammar flaws, sabihin na lang nating author’s personal expression/touch. Mostly for your courage and desire to help others. Thank you Bro. Ariel.

    PS. If ever your book have grammar flaws, its your desire to inspire that matters the most. God bless you more kapatid.

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