“Anak, bauinin mo ‘tong sandwich.”
My dad loves to give us a snack before we leave home for work and I refuse to bring it most of the time, but there are times that I do. So one day, I left home with a sandwich in my bag.
As I rode a jeepney and paid for my fare, a man sat beside me. Wearing his ragged clothes, and a look that gave me an impression that he had not eaten for days, he showed his grease-covered palms as if he was asking something from me.
“Ito na lang, kuya,” as I grabbed the sandwich inside my bag and handed over to him.
I guess the man was asking for money during that jeepney ride. Well, he rejected the food I gave him. He shook his head, returned the sandwich to me, and went off the jeepney.
I felt something strange in my heart. He was already holding it but decided to return it to me. Perhaps, he did not accept the sandwich because he knew what he needed. He did not need food, he needed money. But during that particular time, it seemed to me that he needed something to eat more than anything else. I suddenly thought of how dad felt every time I refused to accept the sandwich he offered every morning. I was like that beggar all along.
In the same way, God might be giving you what you need, but fail to accept it because it is not what you want. I’m pretty sure He feels the same strange feeling every time you refuse or rejects the things He gives you. But sometimes, you think that the things you want are the things you need, and fail to realize that God’s “wants” are the only things you need. He only wants what is best for your life.
This Christmas, let us not be beggars. Let’s accept and be grateful for the gifts that we will be receiving regardless if it is a want or a need. Regardless if it is useful or useless. Regardless if it delicious or not. Regardless.
But most importantly, let’s be grateful not because we will be receiving these gifts, but because we have a giver that will give us the gifts.
Remember to seek the Giver and not the gift.
Merry Christmas to you and to your family! Easy lang sa kain ah. 🙂
Move heavenward,
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  1. Catherine

    What a beautiful and inspiring message. I’m a friend and former Officemate of your Mom and Dad, they’re truly amazing people and I am not surprised that they have raised a God fearing and Godly man like you.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New YeAr to you and your family !

    Catherine Almario-Go

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