Happy Valentine’s, kaibigan! Many of us are saying that February is the love month. Bakit kaya ganun? When we talk about Valentine’s, love is the first thing that comes into our minds. Pero ano nga ba talaga ang pagmamahal? What is love?
I’ve been experiencing love ever since I was born. And on February 2015, I started writing about it. I put them together and turned it into a book. After two years, here it is. Yes, it took me two years to (self)publish a book. There were a lot of discouragements, doubts and delays, but God did everything. His timing is perfect. This month is the right time to release the book because it’s all about love. Let me tell you something. Love is actually mentioned in this book more than 200 times so I think it’s impossible if you will miss the meaning of love. Read this and know what love is. You can give this as a gift to your partner, and you guys can color the illustrations by my good friend, Mon Hernandez (follow @monhernandez on Instagram). Pang bonding moments na rin! Kung single ka naman, kulayan mo na lang magisa. Haha. But after reading this book, you will never be heartbroken again. Because you will realize that you are full of love, you will love, and you are loved.
Move Heavenward

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But let me warn you. This book will not change your life because it is imperfect. It has a lot of flaws. Sentence constructions, organizational thought, choice of words, grammars, punctuations, alignments, and other technicalities. But to me, this book is amazing. Syempre bias. Ako gumawa eh. I really believe that it will inspire and bless you despite the imperfections.
In the same way, you are like this book. You are imperfect. But God decided to release you in this world. You may have a lot of flaws but remember that God is the author of your life. He believes that you are amazing! He believes that your life will inspire and bless people despite your imperfections. Syempre bias. Siya gumawa eh. 🙂
To get a copy, email me at arielgozon@gmail.com, message me on facebook.com/authorarielgozon. Or if you know me personally, you can text me through mobile. You can also reach me at The Feast Bay area every Sunday.
My friend, I encourage you to move heavenward. See God in your most ordinary situations.
P.S. Let’s keep in touch. Send me an email at arielgozon@gmail.com, or you can like me on facebook.com/authorarielgozon, or follow arielgoeson on Instagram and let’s talk about your spiritual journey.  🙂



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