I remember one of the unforgettable conversations of my life with a street kid who is more or less 7 years of age. He stood in front of me with his arms wide open, looked me in the eyes and said,
“Kuya, buhatin mo ko.”
“Pagod na ko. Papahinga muna ko,” I replied.
But this kid was persistent. He demanded to be carried. He started to cry and said,
“Last na. Last na.”
And so I did.
“Kuya, taas mo pa ko,” he requested.
“Hindi na kita kaya itaas. Si Lord na lang makakagawa nun. Kilala mo ba si Lord,” I replied as I try to test his spiritual maturity.
“Sino Siya?”
“Yung taga bigay ng pagkain.”
I was shocked. His answer was simple yet full of wisdom that it made me pause and reflect for a moment. He answered based on his situation. Just imagine the hunger that this kid is going through every day but he still believes that there is a God who feeds him. I believe that is how you measure faith. It is how much you believe that you have a God that will raise you up despite your rock bottom moments. Some people think that God is just a state of mind so they can escape or go through life. But this kid believes that God is real.
As I reflected on the kid’s faith, I told myself that I want to have a perfect faith. But a brother told me that made me reflect even more.
“The goal is not the ‘goal.’ The goal is to grow while reaching the goal.”
I know I am towards something that I can never attain but I still continue to get it. Sounds stupid isn’t it? But why do I still want to pursue it? I really don’t know. All I know is that it satisfies and overwhelms my inner being. And that is simply faith. Most of the time, we really cannot explain how and why, but I think it’s better to let go and let faith work because it makes fool of what makes sense. And that is when grace will enter. When reasoning stops. When logic ends.
My friend, don’t think too much of what’s going on in your life. As what Bro. Didoy said, “Release and have peace!” May you have a faith wider and deeper than the ocean.

Move heavenward,


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