My day did not end as planned. I was supposed to end it in a meeting with two brothers from my spiritual community, but was canceled while I was in transit on my way to Makati. Nako, patay. Anong gagawin ko sa Makati nito?

“Sir, pwede ba baguhin yung destination? Na-cancel yung lakad ko sa Makati,” I told the Grab driver. “‘Wag na lang pala. Sige, sa Greenbelt 5 pa rin.”

I decided to go to the Chapel instead. Yes, if I have nothing to do, I go to mass. Feeling good boy eh. But I changed my mind again.

“Sir, Buendia na lang tayo.”

“Sure na yan sir ah,” he replied. And we agreed not to have additional fare. The driver was very kind and considerate. He was more than fair. (Trying to word play πŸ˜…)

While we had our conversation in his orange Vios, he asked me what happened and why am I suddenly going to Buendia.

“Punta na lang akong The Feast. Pamilyar ka dun?”
“Hindi eh.”
“Kilala mo si Bo Sanchez?”
“Ah, oo! Inspiring yun. Motivation.”

And we continued conversing. I shared how The Feast has blessed me.

“Dati nagsisimba naman na ko every Sunday. Akala ko okay na yun. Pero simula nung nagfeast ako, narealize ko, may ilalalim pa pala yung relationship ko kay Lord. Basta, hindi ko maexplain yung feeling eh. Pero mas maiintindihan mo ako pag na-experience mo.”

Sounds convincing naman kasi pupunta daw siya.

“Ah, okay yan ah. Pupuntahan ko yan! Ako kasi feeling ko may kulang. Ganito na lang buhay ko araw-araw. Kahit nakakain mo yung gusto mo, nakakapunta sa mall pagkatapos magsimba, may kulang,” he replied.

And we kept conversing. As we arrived iAcademy, I wished him well and hoped that we see each other again not in the road, but in PICC. I paid him more than the amount set by Grab. He was shocked and thanked me. I hope I didn’t sound mayabang. All I wanted is to make him feel that that was Jesus he just dropped off. I tried to be Jesus to him. And I pray to God that I hope I was.

This year, I decided for the first time to use a planner. Thanks to CBTL. Para sakin, kayo ang pinaka the best coffee shop (pero parang ang sarap magsulat sa Coffee Project Lakefront this year haha) kahit na sinasabi ko na “no whipped” tapos nilalagyan niyo pa rin. Salamat sa lamesa, upuan, aircon, pasta, sandwich, tubig, cr, wifi at lalong lalo na sa small-sized iced blended coffee na tumatagal ng 7 to 8 hours. It is indeed a cup that changes lives.

Today, I experienced what people are talking about regarding planning. Despite writing down my schedule in my planner, there will be cancelations, changes and adjustments. No matter how you plan your day, there will be times that it will not go as you want because that’s not God’s wants. Today did not go as planned but I loved it! Indeed, it is true. God’s timing is better than my timing. God’s schedule is better than my schedule. God’s plan is better than my plan.

Imagine if he didn’t ask why I am going to Buendia, we would have not talked about The Feast. Imagine if the meeting was not canceled, I am not writing this story now.

“Do you have a plan?” is not the question. The better question is, “Do you obey?”

My friend, ask Him. “What’s Your plan for my life this year?” Then obey. Execute His plans and I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

Jeremiah 29:11.

Move heavenward,
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