I am sure you have already experienced many things in your life. You may have already conquered a lot of mountains. You may have walked through the rocky and muddy trails, you may have endured different kinds of weather conditions, you may have already reached your summit, and you feel like you have been moving forward all your life, but it still feels like there is something missing. You feel incomplete and dry. Think about this. Maybe you need Jesus in your life. Maybe you need to start seeing Jesus in your experiences. Maybe you need to start moving heavenward.

cropped-11892271_814717415311536_6356811087784653267_n.jpgIt is amazing to move forward! We can be very successful by just keep going and moving on with our life, but there is a space in our heart that only God can fill.

Allow me to tell you something that maybe you have never thought of…

But not now. Soon. 🙂

Have a blessed week, my friend. God is with you!

Move heavenward,



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  1. Jhon Paul Cruz Payongayong

    Stayed in different places and met a pile of people that I thought would fill the emptiness inside me. Felt that everything that I am doing is pointless… Maybe I forgot to reach out and talk to him. I will be waiting for this book 🙂 Congrats kuya ariel

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